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Technical homologation numbers

Hovden Oppdal FIS homolog nr: 13721/10/20 SL 

Start: 820 m.a.s.l. Finish: 645 m.a.s.l. Vertical drop: 175 meters

Hovden Oppdal FIS homolog nr: 13720/10/20, SSL

Start: 1025 m.a.s.l. Finish: 645 m.a.s.l. Vertical drop: 380 meters

Back up race course:

Stølen Oppdal FIS homolog nr: 13691/10/20, SL

Stølen Oppdal FIS homolog nr: 13690/10/20, SSL


Races are open for Ladies and Men with a valid FIS license and hold a FIS code number. 

Deadline for entries: 06.02.2023. All foreign entries shall be sent to karianne.hestad@oppdal.com

For Nordic racers the Agreement for Quotas, Entry Fees etc. between the Nordic Countries applies; entry fee NOK 200 per race. For Non-Nordic racers there is an entry fee of NOK 200 per race. All racers and officials will have to pay lift tickets and is not included in the entry fees.

Payment shall be made before the first captains’ meeting to Oppdal Alpin Klubb, IBAN: NO82 4202 1079 892, BIC (SWIFT): SPTRNO22

Race office                                    

Oppdal Alpin club house next to the chairlift & race course.

Opening hours
7. Feb.  kl 18.00-21.00.

8. Feb.  kl 09.00-15.00, 19.30-20.30

9. Feb.  kl 09.00-15.00, 19.30-20.30

10. Feb.kl 09.00-14.00 


First Team Captain meeting on Tuesday 7 February at 20.00-20.30 at the race office and TEAMS. 

Team Captain’s must have checked entry list within 1 hour before the TCM starts.

To participate in TEAM's TCM, send an email to steinkjartan@gmail.com 

Race program/schedule         

WED 8. FEB      GS Lades & Men 

THU 9. FEB        GS Lades & Men

FRI 10. FEB       SL Lades & Men

 Program/schedule for each race is set at TC's meeting and will be made available on FIS-SKI.com, Coaches Messenger chats etc.

Prize ceremony                          

Prizes for top 3/podium in the FIS race, as well as top 3/podium for Norwegian jr I’s.

Races are included in the Trøndelag FIS Cup (Vassfjellet and Oppdal) as 3 out of 6 races.

Prizes in NOK 

                            Sr.                         Jr.                     Trøndelag FIS CUP

1. pl.                    1500,-                 1000,-                 5000,-

2. pl.                    1000,-                 750,-                   3000,-

3. pl.                    750,-                    500,-                  2000,-

Ranking based on WC points and requires a valid start in all 6 races.

Org. - & race Committee          

Leder Org FIS Oppdal                Stein K. Vik, steinkjartan@gmail.com 

Chief of Race                             Olav Skjøtskift, olav@driva-aquaculture.com

Chief of Course                         Hallgeir Vognild,  halvo@trondelagfylke.no 

Chief of Timing                         Otte Fjøsne, ottefjosne@gmail.com                    

Race Office                                Karienne Hestad, karianne.hestad@oppdal.com

FIS TD                                        Christer Weiss 


Skifer Quality Hotel 

+47 73 60 50 80 


 Oppdal Turisthotell   

+47 72 40 07 00 


Other alternatives for accommodations:  https://oppdal.com/overnatting-i-oppdal/ 

 Ski pass                                          

3 Days NOK 1112

4 Days NOK 1427

Skidata Keycard. Must be purchased in addition if you haven't already.

Special prices for coaches. 

Discounted tickets for purchase at ticket office in Vangslia, next to the T-bar lift. Open til 20:30 Tuesday night before first race. 


Contact Kai Grønningsæter, +47 911 65 540, kaigr@trondelagfylke.no




Welcome to Oppdal! 

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                        

Oppdal Alpin Klubb 


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